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Registration Done Right

Collect all of the necessary details from your users, confirm their email with a randomly generated UUID, perform front and back-end validation, and encrypt password storage like a professional -- all without lifting a finger.


Headache Free Password Resets

Let your users reset their passwords with their registered email address with an email token that expires automatically.

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user management

User Management

Edit your users, trigger password resets, and disable them at will from the comfort of the secure management portal.


A CMS for Developers

Create new pages and edit code like the professional you are -- interact with the source and benefit from code highlighting and spell-check to keep your devloper skills in check.

developer cms
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Mobile First

No need to battle with mobile layouts and menus -- we have you covered with an optimized and fully responsive material design.

Build like an adult with Materialize and fully implemented Sass.


Say Goodbye to Spaghetti Code

B-plate was built to get you started right with a mature and well-design MVC pattern. Built with Spring and Gradle, and utilizing Spring Security best practices, b-plate allows you to skip the grueling foundational work and jump straight into developing your app's unique functionality.

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